ガーナ駐日大使館へスーパーアルカリイオン水生成機 第1号を納入










その一環としてEプランでは、2023年 2月にはガーナ駐日大使館の推薦により、「JETRO ガーナ・ビジネスミッション」へも参加しており、今後、同国とは河川汚染問題解決のための技術提案を始め、人と環境を守るための多角的な取り組みを展開していく考えです。




昨年3月からはサブスク販売モデルの「e-WASH La Fuente Club(イーウォッシュ ラフエンテクラブ)」を発足し、e-WASHのボトル販売にも注力しており、これまでにも全国の公共機関や福祉施設などへの提供を実施しています。





Delivery of the first Super Alkaline Ionized Water generator to the
Embassy of Ghana in Japan


E-PLAN Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that we have delivered the first Super Alkaline Ionized Water (e-WASH) generator to the Embassy of Ghana in Japan (Minato Ward, Tokyo).


Since 2021, we have deepened exchanges with the Embassy regarding key issues currently occurring in Ghana. We intend to make various proposals in the near future, including the provision of technology to “protect the people and the environment” of Ghana.


The Super Alkaline Ionized Water generator delivered to the Embassy of Ghana in Japan (image), uses pure water to generate strongly alkaline electrolyzed water. It is formulated by increasing the hydrogen ion concentration (pH 12.5 or higher) using E-Plan’s proprietary electrolysis technology. The Embassy has started utilizing the e-WASH to clean and disinfect the building.

Our relationship with the Embassy of Ghana began in April 2021, where we started to exchange our views on activities to protect the environment. As a part of this initiative, E-Plan participated in the JETRO Ghana Business Mission in February 2023, upon the recommendation of the Embassy of Ghana. We plan to develop multifaceted initiatives with Ghana including technical proposals to solve the river pollution issues, in order to protect the people and environment. 


The demand for the Super Alkaline Ionized Water (e-WASH), is increasing not only for industrial use, but also for local governments and public institutions.


In March last year, “La Fuente Clube”, a subscription sales model was launched, focusing on the sales of e-WASH bottles, which has already been provided to public institutions and welfare facilities nationwide. 



※ 大使との記念撮影

2022年11月 弊社代表取締役 松澤社長がガーナ大使館を表敬訪問した際にジェネヴィーヴ・アパルゥ大使閣下と

Taken in November 2022, a courtesy call made by our company’s C.E.O. Mr. Matsuzawa to Her Excellency, the ambassador Mrs. Genevieve Edna Apaloo at the embassy



※ セナヤ様と生成装置


Minister Counsellor Mr. Michael Senayah operates the e-WASH generator installed at the embassy



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